The gearbox on my fazer is playing up a bit… 1st and 2nd are pretty worn…

So should I…

  • Sell it and get a different bike
  • Buy another engine (£250)
  • Buy another fazer, swap the engines and sell the new one on

Hmm ??

Have the gearbox repaired???

Don’t know how old your bike is or it’s condition but must be an option:)

Tough call, that. I have a Fazer too and love it to bits. Can I ask what mileage your has and when the gearbox problems started?

If it is that bad, I’d look for another one - there are still plenty around.:smiley:

Get it to Oval MC and let the lads take a look.

Can’t you buy a gearbox?

buying an engine off ebay etc has got to be a lottery, who knows its history or what extra expense might be needed to get it running etc.

crack the case, inspect and fixing has got to be the better option if its truely that fecked


As pointed out there’s always a risk in buying a 2nd hand engine on fleabay, but it’s likely going to be the cheapest option.

Buying a replacement gearbox may initially sound cheaper, but by the time you’ve bought all the gaskets etc. required to strip down & rebuild the engine there’s not going to be much difference in price if any, then you’ve got to spend all those hours rebuilding it.

Plus, if you buy a complete engine you’ve got your old one for spares, or you could break it & flog the parts on ebay & possibly make a couple of hundred quid from that.

Don’t understand the logic of option 3 though, why not just ride the new one & flog your old one?

Why not just get it fixed. Is it fair to lumber a fellow biker with a dodgy gearbox?

Jesus, some of the crap I have taken in p\x, but then I suppose thats why you give them p\x money to repair the things

I’d let the buyer know the gearbox was shifty (boom boom)
It still works fine but just doesn’t take well to a real ragging…

I’d wanna hang on to my bike as it’s got all the mods on it that I want and I’ve done a fair bit of work on it myself how I like it.

As it’s a 1999 fazer 600 I’m having trouble sourcing gearbox parts and as was said above it’s more trouble than it’s worth delving into the gearbox to try and fix the problem…

Thanks for the advice I’ll steer clear of ebay engines, best to get one out of a working bike so I can test ride it etc…

Really like the fazer for it’s versatility but am maybe considering flogging it and getting an old gixxer instead…???