Bike transportation

Got myself a CBR600 to replace the stolen hornet when I was back up in Edinburgh from a dealer I trust and I don’t know if I fancy riding it all the way down myself. Have had some ridiculous quotes from transport companies eg more than it would cost for me to fly back up, hire a van one-way and pay for ridiculously expensive diesel (and I would still have money left over to get new gloves, lock and chain and leather trousers!)
Has anyone got any suggestions? (other than the obvious one! I will ride it down this Sunday if required as I want it here for superbikes!)

pay someone to collect it ?

but think you should ride it youself, i reckon steady speeds you do it easy in 7 hours just take lots of breaks, the A1 is cracking all the way down :slight_smile:

im insured on any bike, and have a few days off work :D:D:D

shame im orf to normandy