bike transportation, corby to london, help!

Anyone know some1 with a van oo picks bikes up etc?

My bike is in Corby and i need some1 to pick it up and bring it back to london.

I would get train down and ride back but mot runs out on saturday and i cant see me getting there b4 then.

Just an idea, what about getting it booked in for an MOT in Corby when you can get there by train? Providing your confident it will pass an MOT that its.

Sorry, i don’t know anyone with a van.

AbbeyJ knows a van company that does that kind of thing. I cant for the world remember the name of the company

I will try doing a search for it but you might have to ask her to. She should be at the Cubana in London now. So you might not get chance to ask her till tomorrow. I am not in London at the mo as I would have asked her for you

I can do it if ya pay the cost of diesel.

Puppy your a gem, but! i might have summat sorted, if not will be back onto you m8, ok?

Cheers, John

No worries mate. Just let me know when.