Bike Transport

Life is mad and very busy now and I have not had any time to be on here.
I trust you are all well and staying the right side up.

I now spend 80% of my time down in Somerset and would like to transport both of our bikes down there.
Can anyone recommend a good person (at a decent price) who can pick up near Watford and deliver to Sparkford in Somerset.

Many thanks


Has anyone had experience of using

I have used Mac and Mandy from A2B. Mac is a biker and a top bloke who makes you feel like you pride and joy is in very safe hands.

Website links and pile of good reviews linked below. He was also the cheapest of the movers who looked like they knew what they were doing. Mandy keeps you up to date on progress. Mac drives.

Have successfully used to transport bikes at a very reasonable rate and well cared for.

Ride them down. Just get a coach or train back to London. You’ll have a blast and probably be a lot cheaper.

Brian The-BCR-Mop may do it? pm me if you get stuck…

i have used

many time really good guys and decent rates

meet them threw shiply plus they know bikes and how to transport them properly and they have the right insurance :smiley: