Bike transport help

Hi guys

Wondering if anyone could help transport my bike in van or something from Wanstead, east London where i live to Maidstone in Kent on? It would be in he morning/midday of Wednesday 27th of April.

I’m selling my bike (part ex) and the insurance has expired. If  anyone got other idea’s, i’m open.

 - Lasse

Can insure it for just a day

I did a days insurance (it was actually a week - but the same price) to ride my old S-wing 125 into London to sell her - cost me £47 fully comp

I got quoted 87£ for one day and 100 miles!

to be honest unless you find someone that works for free and their van runs on fresh air i don’t think it will work out any cheaper,i have a van and can transport bikes and would want at least what your insurance quoted you and that would only be if i had a free day…to do it on a week day you are also looking for someone that is unemployed or on holiday.

Don’t you get 14 days ‘cooling off’ period to cancel your insurance for just an admin charge and the pro-rata for the days used.

Obviously it would be deeply immoral to find somewhere with a low admin fee and then take out insurance knowing you were going to cancel it a day later (the poor insurance company) but is there any other reason why that wouldn’t work?

As above Wanstead to Maidstone round trip goes 80 miles, plus 3 hours including loading/unloading, plus 2 off Dartford light commercial tolls. Even at mates rates you’d be looking at £80.00 +

I’ve been thinking off it. But as far as I can see, at least with MCE it’s 32£ admim fee + 15% of the premium.

Any chance you know a better one?

I can see it’s bit of tricky one :hushed:

I used a bloke a while ago to get my bike to marmablades house. It wasn’t very much… 25/30 quid think. I still have hi number if you want it?

If you px’d your bike at a garage can’t you get them to deliver the new one and then pick yours up at the same time? Might be worth an ask.

If you are getting a new bike and will be insuring that to ride home can you not see if they will cover old bike to ride there?

+1 to T cat’s suggestion

You may be able to ride your bike to the Maidstone dealer for the PX on their insurance, although to be proper legal I think you’d need to have there trade plate too.

Ask them to deliver the bike to you.
I know I would want to ride it home but in your case your better of asking them to drop of the bike and pick up the old one.
You can try

Look in Google for bike transport comparison, there are websites for comparison on transport options. I bought a bike off eBay and had it collected and delivery to south london for less than £100.

I had a bike brought from the North of Scotland to Watford for £100

Good thinking