bike trailer

So I’m leaning towards buying this x11 in Holbeach, 100 miles away. Not sure how I’m going to get there/get back/get it back yet. I have a mate with a landrover and tow bar… Assuming I end up going to Lincolnshire, does anyone in N or W London have a trailer I can borrow for the afternoon?

Ride it back and get the coach there? Will cost all of a tenner to get there.

This may also be useful -

That IS useful as it goes Dan, thanks. I have no qualms about riding it home, just worried about getting a tug on the way back. :smiley:

Problem solved :)… Plus think of the ride home as an extended test ride.

Now I just got to get to grips with this ‘public transport’ deal. :hehe:

could always use a bike courier…

I have a trailer you could borrow, if your friend has a trailer-board (or at least his plates that he could tie to my trailer board). PM if you need. (Although I think you’re much better off training up and riding down…)


Likewise a trailer here if needed… heathrow area…

The fact that they try and rip your head off is the only thing that keeps it remotley sensible on an X11 . I really did like mine and it is a bike I would buy again if I needed a do it all bike .