Bike trailer needed urgently

Hey, does anybody have a bike trailer that I could borrow tommorow, will pick it up.

Please respond,

Around Berkshire preferably, but London is also fine.


Also willing to hire

Try GT Towing in Hatfield…

Thanks for the help but I’ve just found a place in Windsor

+1 for future ref - great service and a good price considering the expense of the things in the first place!

There’s a chap on the junction of the Baldock services, can’t remember his name, has a variety of trailers for hire too, very cheap, does cash :slight_smile: and his kit is reasonably good.

oh? buntingford direction or stotfold direction?

Stotfold. Just googled for a bit:

Radwell Grange Farm, Radwell, near Baldock, Hertfordshire, SG7 5EU
07973 763810,-0.078118&sspn=0.009716,0.018711&ie=UTF8&ll=52.016427,-0.201766&spn=0.019228,0.037422&t=h&z=15