Bike Trailer For sale

Bike Trailer for sale, was used to carry two bikes but my other half made it into a single could be made back into a double carrier easily, It has good tyres and the lights indicaters all work has a ramp for easy loading etc good all round £150 no offers pm me for viewing can be collected from either east ham or Grays(essex)

Can it carry 2 sports bikes? And do you have pics?

it could be made back into a double trailer easily enough it used to be used for carrying 2 supermoto’s,

and i will try posting photo’s up asap.

here’s a picture of it, it has suspension units in the wheels, good tyres, the rear tailgate unfolds to become the ramp, collection would now be from grays in essex, and of course you would need to bring a new number plate.

if you were to in fill the open sections with 20mm ply then this would be an easy way to convert back to a 2 bike trailer, as stated it was for carrying supermoto’s, dunno what the weight difference would be for superbikes?


Thanks for the pics. I’m not too sure about putting 2 sportsbikes on there, and don’t really have the time to mod it to work (which I’m sure can be done).