Bike to bike road rage - weirdest thing

NinjaJunkie’s post just reminded me of this…

About a month ago I was coming out of town on the A4 along the elevated section. As I came towards the last part where it heads down the slope to begin the M4 there was the usual right-hand lane full of cars and the empty left-hand lane. I normally continue down the left and filter across when it becomes 3 lanes then apply the beans for home.

This time, at the back of the line of cars in the right-hand lane was a guy on a V-Max. It seemed odd that he was lined up behind the cars and was wearing shoes, trousers, a lightweight nylon jacket and no gloves.

I thought it was unusual riding behavior and clothing choice but just continued as normal down the left. Then out of nowhere this guy passes me (I’m in the center of the left-hand lane) on my right like a bat out of hell and way to close for my comfort.

I mentally identify him as a twat and let him go. He continues down the left then moves right to get to the 3rd land at the beginning of the M4. I stay in the the left lane until I reach some traffic at which point I start to move into the middle lane.

This is where the twat got dangerous.

Whilst I was going along the left lane, he was sitting in a line of cars (again) in the 3rd lane and not making great progress, but when he saw me move slightly ahead of him and start moving to the middle lane he decided to accelerate out of the line of traffic he was in and cut across me diagonally from my 5 o’clock to my 10 o’clock as fast as his V-Max would take him and seemingly deliberately way to close for comfort. I had to lean / swerve a little so that he didn’t hit the front of my bike.

He’s now in the left-hand lane and I pull level with him in the middle lane. I put my finger to the side of my head to indicate that he is mental. He is obviously agitated as he started shaking his fist and gives me the finger (with his right hand, taking it off the throttle and so dropping back). I carry on doing my own thing and don’t see him again.

I’ve never seen anything like this before from another bike rider in 17 years of riding on the road. Car drivers act like this on a regular basis but bikes? When he was gesticulating all I could think of was “Not in front of the car drivers you idiot!” and it seemed odd that he took his right-hand off the throttle too. When I give any sort of gesture from a bike it’s with the left hand.

Was he a car driver on a bike for the first time or just an escapee from the funny farm?


Deffo sounds like there is a psychiatric nurse in some mental institution that left the keys to his v-max lying around. . . :smiley:

Yeah Im on that stretch every day at around 8am and 5pm and i must say that i have seen some stupid driving mainly from bikers and have almost ended up on tar cause of some idiot.

It’s just as easy (actually, I’d say easier) for knobs to get onto bikes as it is to get into cars. Don’t think that because someone is on a bike they realise the risks they expose to themselves and to other road users. It’s unfortunate and you’d love to pull them up and shake them by their necks and tell them why they are being stupid but in this day and age, you’ll be branded a criminal to do so.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that if you wanna give someone the finger with your right hand, at least pull the clutch so you don’t disappear too quickly :smiley:

Maybe that’s why you’re only reaching 47kph? SORRY!!! couldn’t resist!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe… the truth is - on one of the many attempts - that WAS the reason - tried to shift down before coming to a stop - clutch in = no engine braking = didn’t stop in time (but I didn’t give the instructor the finger :D)

Bugger that mate - when I did mine (and needed 2 goes at the swerve one) as soon as I got passed the marker, I used the brakes and only pulled the clutch in at the end to prevent a stall - there is enough time to stop without needing to use engine braking. I did it in 2 steps: 1. speed up enough to get through at 50+kph, 2. use the brakes enough to stop without locking front or back. With the nerves going at the time, I figured it was easier to concentrate on 2 steps than to try and make it any more complicated. :slight_smile:

The other thing I worked out (although now I related it to the test, i feel like - D’oh! spanner for not realising it before!) is that it is easier to swerve with the throttle open, than with it shut…

As soon as I bothered thinking about it, I realised that throttle shut = braking = reduced grip, albeit slight - it was a real durrrr! moment :smiley:

Who the hell rides without gloves :crazy:

He does sound like a bit of a psycho. You did well to avoid him!

icon_scratch What Anne-Marie and Jonny said! :cool: