Bike to Bike communications

Greetings all,

I need some advise and help, have just come back to biking after long absence due to wife, kids, dog and mortgage etc.

Anyway, with out giving you the whole life story no longer with the ex-witch so free to return to the joys of laughing at vehicles that have four too many wheels.

Often go riding with new girlfriend who fortunately for me is also a Biker and am therefore looking for a bike to bike mike system that will also serve as rider to pillion intercom if she is out on back with me or me out on the back with her. Any body have any views on what’s available out there any reccomendations appreciated as would any advise of what to steer clear of.

Additionally, can any body help me with advise on upgrading to a blade next year. I really like the look of the 95 Urban Tiger, from what I have seen I should be able to get a fairly decent one for about £2 - £3K. I wanted an older one with a steel frame as these seem to be more forgiving if dropped and I am bound to drop it either in garden (Don’t ask) or on a track day.

Would love to catch up with any body who might be at the ACE for friday the 16th Decmber, any body doing toy run form there on that week end ?


Hello Dan and welcome…sambuca to start please.!!

Recommend Autocom…best on bike stuff…contact BabyJ for prices/ranges etc.

Hey Dan! Welcome to LB, and more importantly, welcome back to biking! Lucky’s right, BabyJ is the man when it comes to these sort of things. Hope to see you out and about, keep an eye out for bikes with LB stickers on them! Fancy coming along to the Christmas Party to get to know everyone? It’s on the tenth, and we have a few tickets left.


Think you’ll be needing one of these.

or just speak to our friendly BabyJ

Big thanks to all for thier advise, Baby J has come through and I will be trotting down to the holborn shop as soon as I get time to, whilst avoiding the profusion of littered tin cans from attempting mini mo’s suggested communication techniques.


Which one are you getting?

BabyJ is in Great Portland Street, though… I have to say I wasn’t impressed with the Autocom knowledge at the Holborn branch!

Paivi has a good point…make sure you go to someone with decent knowledge of the systems as they are very good but only if you get the right system for your needs/bike…

Have to agree Tony!!! are good but do take away the whole personal experience of riding your bike.You know…just you and your bike,sounds of the engine,wind noise etc… and if/when you do have to take them out for a spin on the back the odd squeeze/scream when you go over 40mph,(in my case, as anything near acceleration/speed makes her turn into a giggling schoolgirl!! which is nice) is good enough communication for me!

Autocom are probably the best, but I’ve found bike to bike a real pain in the arse. Glad to have used it, but wish I could have the cash back. Guess you need to persevere with it.

Bought an Autocom off BabyJ a few weeks ago and think it’s great for phone and music. Only used it a few times for pillion and it’s rather fun being able to chat to, or warn, your pillion.

All Autocom systems are now half price due to new 06 range release in spring. I have the pro 7 version and have to admit it is excellent at both pillion and bike/bike comms. Have a mate who uses intaride and he recommends them highly.