bike thieves.

Reading a lot about bike theft on the rise around here.

Got me thinking, its not about us bing more vigilant, or having more and more expensive chains, because these scum will just get power tools involved and bypass them.

The real problem it seems to me, is there is no deterent…

If thieves started loosing hands or having to pay back 5 times the amount stolen at a work camp on minimum wage, then we would start to see crime drop.


Probably not.

Dismemberment is probably disproportionate for the crime - but forcing thieves to pay for a new bike with the extra insurance costs incurred as a result of the theft factored into the final sum sounds like a winner!

Still the problem of catching them in the first place though.

well, I was thinking,

and I might be onto something here,

exploding bikes!

bike alarm triggers either a C-4 plastic explosive, to take out the thief, and admittedly, the bike, and possibly surrounding pedestrians… I didn’t thin this one through!

Sounds like a winner to me… :smiley:

Losing a couple of fingers at a time would be suitable punishment and thieves can choose to stop being thieves before they end up being unable to tie the laces on their converse trainers or whatever they wear lol

I wear converse trainers… :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:

Acutally on a serious note, you may have stumbled into something or maybe got me thinking about it at the very least.

SO we have to pay more insurance as there are more claims, therefore the insurance have to pay out more money costing us and so on and so forth you get the idea.

The Met (just as an example) like all other forces are having services cut which in turn means less bobbies on the beat.

So here is my Idea, why do insurance companies not pay to put more coppers on the streets, it is not going to cost them anymore if it helps thefts fall know what I mean!

Where’s Boris I’m going to give him man detailed plan!

not happy about this idea. I Have a Datatool and it’s sensitive as hell :crazy:


Im with beefcake on this

Why don’t we just get the thieves, and chain THEM to the lampposts - it’ll mean stopping it a the source :smiley:

lt would come with passive, aggressive or explosive arming settings so you could go limp at will. Just make sure you set a PIN and remember it when the remote goes dead on you

Exploding bikes?

Sounds like a KTM to me… :hehe: