Bike thieves operating in Fulham area

Caught two scum with a van trying to thieve my bike last night, I think they had hoped I wasn’t in the house. All reported to the police who are on the case, but beware people and chain up.

What was the result. Were theives detained/charged/ran away/gell down long flight of stairs that had spikes at the bottom coated in cyanide.

Good that you caught them in the act, hope your bike was not damaged in any way.

Well they had only got as far as looking under the cover, before peering through the front window to see if the house was empty - thats when I saw him.

I ran to the door to challenge him by which time he was out the gate and on the way back to his van where his mate was standing, making some excuse about getting the wrong road, or it not being somewhere he dropped someone off the other week, or some other such bullshit.

Anyway he mentioned number of my house and clearly knew where he was, so reckon he was basically ‘collecting’ having previously identified the bike or something - dunno, hard to say.

What kind of van ? Did you get the reg. no ?

Glad they never got your machine, w_nkers :angry:

High top white transit, got reg, so do the police.

I assume the police said they done nothing wrong and they wouldn’t do anythig about it, just like the stalker that eventually killed that girl…

Well they report to the local station, who are going to ring me to go through in more detail. They are probably known to the police, most thieves usually are by all accounts as have been at it for a while. Meanwhile thieves will probably lie low for a while or operate elsewhere, as they are probably reading this, as we’ve seen before.

Be good to have some details in case they try out in my area. I’ve lost one bike to the theives, don’t really want to lose another.

Purely hypothetically of course, can I propose that if any of us ever catch someone nicking a bike (ours or anyone else’s for that matter) that we have a system where we alibi each other up. That way if they happen to be beaten to a bloody pulp and their fingers happen to vanish in a shower of chain oil, blood and screaming agony, there’s no way the ole bill can trace it back to us.

Christ, if I caught someone looking through my window I would have been outside with a crowbar, and an “Oops sorry I meant to hit a completely different thieving scumbag… my mistake, but please don’t bleed on my driveway!”

Any chance of the reg of the van?

Aye I’ll get the reg up this evening, its written at home, was a T plate from memory.

Without wishing to stereotype the bloke looked exactly like I’d expect a bike thief to - white, quite tall but scrawny, covered in tattoos wearing a vest top thing with shaved head, strong london accent. His mate was dressed in blue with a baseball cap, only saw at a distance.

That bike has already been thieved once so perhaps connected, but was just left on side of road about a mile away having been lightly dropped, so prob just kids.

Really glad you caught them before they got their thieving dirty hands on your bike!

Shame the police won’t do much though, as effectively they haven’t done anything, yet, and even then they’ll probably walk out in a few weeks and do it all over again! It makes me so angry!!!

Well, they’re supplying me with a crime reference number, does that potentially mean in their eyes the crime is attempted theft?

Ok just spoken with police, have a crime ref and they’ll be contacting the owner of the van and stepping up monitoring of my street. So better than nothing I guesss and they said important I’d reported it. Van reg was T927 PMB, a white transit, so if anybody sees it, be suspicious.

Surprisingly it is registered as Insured too.

T927PMB is on the Motor Insurance Database today

The details on the MID are:

Vehicle Make/Model: FORD TRANSIT 80 TD

I’m suspicious of ANY white van that comes near my house, I questioned this guy one day who turned out to be genuinely visiting a friend on my road…oops :blush:

Heh know the feeling M-Daytona, I scuttle outside the moment I see / hear a van pull up near the house, bit paranoid but this proves worthwhile!

Very often they will steal a van as well

What did you say to the fella? Its a tough one questioning someone, but I’m certainly suspicious of the folk!