Bike therapy continues

After putting new forks on the bike and putting the front end back together, my NTV once again resembles a motorcycle somewhat. The mudguard was mangled too and got replaced by a white one.

Oh the joy when I had it all back together and spun the front wheel and chhhhht…chhhhht… listened to the apparently wobbly brake disc grind into the calipers. Some red car paint on the disc gives a clue as to why this might be the case… oh well, one more thing to replace.

Radiator and assorted bits still need to go on, and the foot brake lever will have to be addressed as well. The therapy continues…

Good stuff steff, how are the injuries now???

Better. Most of them are scabbed over now and have stopped oozing nasty liquids. The pain is better too. I stopped eating painkillers like Smarties at the end of last week. The first few days I went through 4-5 large boxes of Nurofen Plus, eating four at once every four hours just to be able to function.

There will be scars, but scars build character.

good to hear, just need to recoup the lost funds how much has the bike cost you so far??


  • Rescue of bike from accident scene: 278 pounds

  • New forks and mudguard: 115 pounds

  • New radiator: 60 pounds

  • New radiator pipe: 5 pounds

  • Medications and creams, bandages etc for injuries: 50 pounds

So, going on close to 200 for parts, and I still need a front brake disc, maybe a new front rim, a foot brake lever, etc. Luckily I’ve done all the work myself so no labor cost involved.

Let’s not forget the smashed PDA that got broken in the crash (costs 300 pounds) and being out of work for a week (350 pounds) so we are now looking at well over 1000 pounds in financial damage. It’s really beginning to sting because frankly I just don’t have much money left and the bills/rent that need paying are mounting up…

well i hope there is some way of claiming some of it back, she pulled out right so you must have a case somewhere??

Yup I hope so!! I just say “BBHMM” – B*tch Better Have My Money!

Made some more progress today. Got a new front wheel complete with brake disc and a BT45 for a cracking price from another LB member and dragged it home on the bus. Not the same color as my rear wheel but who cares. He also still has a rear, I might buy that too when I’m rich enough to care about matching colors.

Put it on and it works brilliantly. Bit of rust on the brake disc but no biggie. Got dist. water and antifreeze and flooded the cooling system and it hums along great with no leaks. Most “major” components (forks, wheel, radiator) are now back in working order!

All in all there’s only some small B.S. left (foot brake lever, indicator, replace bent handlebar) but I’m pretty optimistic I’ll be going to Cubana next Wednesday on my OWN TWO WHEELS!

P.S. there will be no laughing at my mix-and-match ghettobike or the offending parties will be rubbed face first into the carpark until they have worse roadrash than me!!

looking good

Glad i could help steffan

Good on you for the recovery of your bike, mate. Looks so much better than a week or so ago. Mis-matched colours = urban hardcore cool in my opinion - also I’ve noticed that people tend to treat you with more caution if you look like you’ve walked off the set of Mad Max