theives are getting transit type van and putting honda(or the like) main dealer stickers on it and even the main dealers phone number on to make it look like a dealer van pulling up and sticking the bike in the back, one 57 plate cbr 600rr from south croydon way had his garaged done they drilled out the ground anchor the lot. the neigbours did nt say or think to say anything coz they thought it was the dealer picking it up in good faith keep em peeled

Damn, that’s low. Thanks fella.

The scums

Clever bastards!!! :angry:

What a bunch of “you know what” !!!

Wow, thats terribly organised of them. Must be big business in stolen bikes ;[

Yes…I find it too unsettling to sit back when a transit van of any type passes my bike.

Although I don’t own a Honda anymore, it was always worse with Japanese popular model bikes. The parts could be easily broken and split up and outsourced to order to any of the breakers.

Guess it’s hard to rely on the neighbours too.

If you see anything involving someone mucking about with a bike, stop and see what they are up to!!

This is a simplified version of a scam that was happening in london a few years back:

One transit van with side doors & winchStick on signs for ‘something or other Motorcycle services’ Another sign saying collection & delivery available london widea bloke with a clip board and overalls Once he’s spotted a bike he wants, the van would pull up and lift it in bold as brass - went on for MONTHS apparently…

Maybe we all need to agree a code of conduct when we see any bike being moved in a transit van, official or unofficial?

How about we all just photograph the guys doing the moving; photograph the transit van and the number plate, and let the guys doing the moving that you’re doing so as a precaution and that the images will be deleted within 28 days, provided the motorcycle is not reported stolen?

I know this is asking for a thump, but what else can you think of, to deter these guys?

In my dictionary: a punch in the f*@king mouth