***** BIKE THEFTS *****

Folks, I know you’ve all been told before but after Smiled’s recent loss and having just had a conversation with a local Pc not 20 minutes ago by the Tea Hut in Clapham please be aware of vans recce’ing your property and especially your bikes.

Apparently over the last couple of nights there has been a couple of High value sports bikes nicked in the Clapham / Kennington area’s. Involved in this was a white Transit style van. As well as this there has been smiled’s and these are only the ones that we know off.

Please, eyes about and if you see anyone in your street clock the registration number and dial 999 stating that the vehicle is acting suspiciously and tell them what it’s doing and the direction it’s gone in.

Cheers guys.

Thanks for this Trojan and will do.

But will the popo turn up once they find out your worried about your bike?

Or is it best not to mention bikes and that theres is a van outside acting strange?

Cheers Trojan, good advice is always welcome.

Gang, put your cynicism aside and let’s try and be proactive in this - keep yer eyes peeled, preferably a digi-cam on you to snap such vehicles and be quick on the dial.

If we don’t help the police, they are limited with helping us.

THIS HAS TO STOP. It could be yours next.

Most oif us will have mobile phones with cameras on, photographing any one acting suspiciously may well deter any theft or at the very least provide the police with some evidence as to who the Perpetrators may be. However, don’t put your self in any danger.