Bike thefts

All we seem to be hearing about these days is bike thefts. My '04 ZX6-R was stolen only 3 weeks ago. Luckily it was insured and I’ve since bought an R1 but insurance for theft was £2200 so I’m third party only. If it gets nicked I’ve lost everything.

Part of the problem is people are being sold security products which are useless. My bike was ground anchored with 2 Oxford Monster locks yet they were both broken in silence only 15 feet away from where I was sitting and then dumped into a van. I thought it would take at least a tiny bit of effort to break them. I called Oxford but they could say nothing to defend their top of the range chains.

I now have to park it in a friends lock-up 15 minutes from home which is pretty **** when you wanna jump on your bike.

Just a warning… be careful… if they can see your bike, unfortunately it wont be long before it’s gone

I think we all need to up our game on security I have an oxford lock that is attached to my house but by the sounds of it they must be using a hydraulic cutter.

I have a datatool system3 the chain and I cover my bike over always but is that really going to stop them ? if a chain is of no use then what can we do ?

Hey Andy, welcome to LB. You’re right, the best form of defence from bike-theft is to keep the bike out of view. The few people that know you have a bike in your area, the better. I had to spend £700 this summer to have a builder construct me something on my property that would do just this. The bike is now completely hidden from the public eye, and secured with as much security devices as is pratical.

Big dogs, bright lights and garage alarms do wonders, though bear in mind that this only proves useful if you keep a low profile when on your bike, in your area. Turning up to your home, rev’ing the engine will not just piss off your neighbours, but also tell undesirables that you have a bike. Also ensure you are never followed home.

Out of paranoia, I never park up at home if someone has turned down my road with me, I just cannot take the risk that they might be trying to ‘case’ me. I fear this happened to our friend, David, who recently had his R1 taken from him in a very aggressive personal confrontation. Becareful guys and girls, owning a bike in London isn’t a right anymore, it’s a privledge, so look after yourselves.

sorry to tell you but the oxford lock is useless. they can get through two of them in seconds AND silently.

I think people are gonna start keeping their bikes indoors if this bike theft trend continues. Insurance policies increasing as well.

I know if I could get my bike into the lift and onto the balcony, I would!!!

Less than a fortnight before I’m in my country seat with 7 tucked up in a garage.

Can’t bl00dy wait.

Where abouts is country mate?

Like I’m gonna broadcast it over the airways.

I’m sure I;ve told you, but will next time we’re out. You up for a little buzz out sometime this week, maybe with a few suggestions along the way? And did you get Bikesafe booked yet? Get on it man.