Bike theft - Southbank

Hi all,
Thought I had better post this up to warn everyone, i know there’s a lot of members in the Southbank/Borough Market area. I work near Southwark bridge.
Spotted two guys today looking at a colleagues bike and mine, they where wearing hoodies, one light one dark, trek bottoms and what looked like bike gloves. They walked into our car park and looked at the bikes, think they where put off by the disc locks, then then ran off. Have been paranoid all day now.
…but also received this today:
There has been a spate of motor bikes thefts occurring over the last week or so. The message below was received last Thursday from Jane Hardy, Centre Manager, Great Guildford Street Business Square, 30 Great Guildford Street:

“Just to let you know we have had another motor bike stolen from our premises. This year alone I think this is the 2nd one and 1 damaged because they got disturbed. There are usually 2 guys on a scooter that first scope the area out and then they come back and one steals the bike and then they both ride off. Happened with people walking by at 12.40pm yesterday.”
All three incidents took place from within the loading bay area located to the rear of their site, perhaps perceived as a secure parking area. Jane confirms that the area had been “scoped” on a number of occasions by the suspects. No CCTV is available as parked vehicles were blocking the view.
Yesterday I spoke to a resident in Peabody Buildings, Southwark Street who said that her son’s motor bike was also stolen last week from the m/bike parking spaces opposite Vinopolis whilst he was inside Nandos getting a take away. It all happened very rapidly. CCTV images may be available and are being checked.
Please circulate advice to your staff and others who travel to work or visit your premises by motor cycle to ensure that bikes are properly secured, even if for a short period of time.
So keep those eyes open LB’ers, the f**king thieving b*stards are out there!!

sh1t, thats where i use to work, but this is odd i say that because there are couriers coming and going all the time at said bike bay because the courier place is just 30 yrds away.

i use to park mine in the car park at back and as you all should do chain it to something.

Gonna bring my chain in tomorrow…

not for the bike… for when I catch a bike thief :stuck_out_tongue:

If the Police use bait cars, why can’t they bait bikes?

Thanks for the warning, I am working in that neck of the woods next week.

Do try to keep up at the back there! :wink:

I think its fair to say, if you see two people on a scoot near bike bays checking them out, take a licence plate, and description immediately and make sure they know you’ve seen them.

In fact, confront them and ask what they’re doing… seriously. Better to have two stroppy teenagers shouting about stereotyping and no bikes missing, than regret not doing anything about it…if they’re not nicking stuff, they’ve got nothing to be worried about… if they are you may just stop them…

unfortunatley they do not care thats the problem. We caught a couple of kids around that area, cops said they would be out in a few hours and CPS would not do anything as they were to young. and they were back the next day

If they was on a scoot I would of :slight_smile: but toally agree, the more information the better… hence the post :wink:

…on a slightly related note, security desk said they scared off two push bike thieves in the last hour, same area as above. Warn your colleagues.

Bike Watch Patrol :smiley:

Cant someone write some hoody recognition software into londons CCTV system.

It would need to track them and issue an alert to the police and LB milita when they loiter within 15 metres of a motorcycle parking bay.

+1 :slight_smile: