Bike taxis

surely you could adjust your riding technique to shut your talking balast up?

unfortunately I had to be professional at all times :slight_smile:


Oh so being professional included using lots of front brake with Helena on the back then? :Whistling:

:smiley: That’s just a matter of " Nature over Nurture " Gabs :wink:

I had to react to a taxi pulling out in front of me :Whistling:


I’ll remember that “front break” tip when I pass my full test :smiley:


Bike taxis are an embarrasment…to every rider they leave eating their dust.

On paper, they sound like a good idea, but I’m not sure how safe they really are for the passengers. My understanding is they provide all the gear, including a helmet, but as the helmet has to fit all their passengers, it’s probably XXXL. A woman is easily an XS, so the lid would come off in an accident. Also, it’d be grubby as hell, with other people’s headlice and hair gel. :sick:

great idea in practice, but even the most experienced riders have accidents. imagine the legal implications if the rider was to have an off with a passenger with all these no win no fee companies around. or do the passengers sign their lives away with a disclaimer