Bike taxis

Friend of mine is a Virgin bike rider. This is what one of his passengers thought:

I used to see one of these guys on my commute into town - first time I saw the big virgin fjr with the panniers I was planning on how I was gonna get past this big panniered lump - It quickly became apparent that I was going to have to work out how to keep up with it!

The guys riding was sublime - it was just him on board and he was turning the thing on a sixpence and making mince meat of the traffic - it was a job to keep up with him. :smiley:

:smiley: just noticed his numberplate begins LB :smiley:

a while ago I was trying to think of something to make me rich and suddenly thought about bike taxis. did a quick search on google to find my hopes of an amazing idea gone

my other idea that i dont think has been taken up yet is double edge sticky post-it notes so that they dont flick up. dont think it’ll catch on though :hehe: anyone wanna fund them?

I used them a few time to get me the the airport in a rush… Very smooth and safe ride. Equipped to take your carry on the back of the bike.
Great service.

Like lables? :wink:

much more sophisticated than that! you see, on the edge where it usually flicks up is another small strip like at the top of the post-it note leaving the middle bare. On the bottom sticky bit there is a bit of cellophane, which means you can choose to have it sticky at both ends by removing it or keep it on to make it like a normal post-it.

I thought about this for quite some time

When I see one in my mirrors I usually get out of the way. They are very fast in traffic and handle the FJRs like they are riding a scooter.

Maybe a good idea but sounds a bit expensive to produce.

Very talented riders. I saw a TV programme about them once. They only employ ex couriers who have done many years couriering (I think it was 10) and are IAM riders.

Imagine that, courier hack to FJR1300 with a corporate fuel card and I’d imagine company clothes.

I know 2 of the guys and one is an ex-racer and the other is a part-time endurance racer. Whenever i see one i give chase and we normally have a great scrap:D

Is that Steve Martin?

This is Damian (‘endurance’ guy) about whom the link I posted above :slight_smile:

I have some of my pictures on his 2007 gallery;)

I’ve used them on and off for a few years, I think I even had your friend drive me once.

As long as you don’t have a lot of luggage they are a great way to get from central London to the airports.

I got one of my clients one when it was obvious that there was no way a taxi would get him to the airport in time for his flight. He’d never been on a bike before and was very nervous but the next day he called me and told me how quick and how fantastic it was and how he would be using them again.

Nice one Gabs!

Thanks for the article :slight_smile:

I was a taxi bike rider for Addison Lee for two years, previously being a courier for two. To become a a taxi bike rider you had to to do a short knowledge test and then pass your IAM and also do a short interview (but generally they knew you already from the circuit).

It was loads of fun and I did lots of interesting jobs with some interesting people. Highlights would be taking a company director to all her different company christmas parties in one night about 6 hours work and got £500 for that! Taking Stereophonics with their awards in the panniers to the airport after the Brit awards (I think it was that) and taking Helena Christensen from London Fashion show to Fulham (heavy on front brakes).

Though of course you also got some right knobs and I had to listen to them talk for about 40 minutes :frowning: