Bike Tampering in Victoria Solo Bays

I work near Victoria Station and there are a couple of solo bays nearby at the bottom of Vauxhall Bridge Road that I use regularly.

So far; on seperate occasions, I’ve had a Givi top-box busted into twice… only things that they took were my gloves… so I figured it was just the local homeless wanting to keep warm. I’ve had a velcro-ed clock taken off the dials and one day I took my tax disc out (cause it was soaked) only to find that the empty bog-standard holder had been taken when I came back.

I’ve only been biking a year and I’ve never had any trouble anywhere else, so perhaps I was just lucky - but seems like that part of town is rife for it. Thought I’d post a heads-up for anyone who has to park round there.

Needless to say, now the new top-box comes off and into work with me!

H :o)

Have you reported them mate ?

or you could park across the steet from scotland yard on abbey orchard street. never had any problems while i’ve parked there. only down side to that is that you’ll have a 5-10 minute walk up to victoria.

There’s loads of bike parking in Victoria. I’d just move to another bay. Don’t park in Dean Farrar Street though.

Hi Guys and Gals

First ever post , so first off hello one and all!

I work very near that bay and sometimes use it and not had any problems in Vauxhall Bridge Road but I did have my dust caps nicked in Francis Street opposite the sports centre. How desperate have you got to be to steal some custom dust caps worth £2.99 new?! I’ve also seen a bike on it’s side and had my bike scratched.

I was lucky before in that I could park off road before but now I’ve got to park on the street. Sometimes I get the tube in to avoid the hassle but that can be a nightmare!

Yamrider if you see me down in the bay, purpleish Kawasaki ZRX anytime say hello!

All the best

I can beat dust caps @ £2.99. I sometimes leave my bicycle clips on the pipe under my seat - not exactly prominent - but they have been nicked and only cost 99p!

I addidentally left the key to a 6 month old 1150GSA on the seat of the bike for three hours while parked in a bay in Victoria. I was walking past at lunchtime and noticed them. They were still there and so was the bike…thank fek!

It was parked up outside New Scotland Yard, so maybe people noticed and thought it was sting. Either that ot the many CCTV cameras helped.

Me thinks i know you! lol I nicked em whilst parked in the garage. lol.

Wot! Bicycle clips? ya think yeah trousers might get caught in yer chain? lol

You nicked his dustcaps??? :blink:

I am presuming this is my m8 whom i share garage with, he dont use bike much anyway.:smiley:

I’m wiv ya :smiley:

Got a good racket going on to with the local kids for their pushbikes, lol.

Thieves aren’t so stupid as to think Sting is actually in ‘The Police’ are they?.. Ohhhh you meant ‘a sting’:wink:

I had someone try to take both the left had mirror and the heat grip control from my CBF500 down in Victoria. Was seriously p****d off at the time, I had only had the bike 3 weeks.

I’ll Look out for you… got the stickers on my bike now so you’ll know it’s me :o)

I gotta admit, it only ever on that one bay down by the triangle that stuff happens. Maybe that’s why it seems to be more and more empty recently, just the ususal battered, old Vespa that’s been there forever.

H :o)

Oh, if ya think its louis theroux getting off the bike its mick, lol.