Bike stuff on the goggle box

Just noticed there’s a few motorbike docs on Amazon Prime at the moment, for anyone not able to get out and about.

The Unrideables 2 -
Which profiles Wayne Rainey’s career

Champion Barry Sheene: Profile of a Legend -

Charley Boorman’s 2006 Race to Dakar -

James Whitham’s Superbike School - The Complete Series 2007 -

Why We Ride -

The Ride London to Beijing - Kevin Saunders -

Season 7 of Adventure Bike TV -

Highlands & Islands - Where Scotland’s heart beats loudest / Scotland by motorcycle -


Leg end. Thanks!

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Apple TV+ reunites McGregor and Boorman for Long Way Up from 18th September

I’ll wait for the Special Edition DVD.

I’ll wait for the Special Edition DVD to come up on bittorrent


You still have a DVD player? :crazy_face:

In my PC. Just rip and watch on the TV.

Have you watched these Nivag?

If so, what is your favourite?

The opposite of yours


I’ve only watched the Barry Sheen, Race to Dakar so far and most of the Adventure TV episodes.
All good so far.

How about you?

I bet you he’s watched most of the Adventure TV episodes, Race to Dakar and Barry Sheen.

So far all good…

This joke is going to take a while to get old…

What…like a four cylinder versus twin kinda way? @Panagiotis

I’ve seen the London to Beijing one. Bit hairy when it snowed!!! Need to watch the others…

Too hot to get out on the bike today. Might stick one on…

lovely - will get some of these watched thanks for the linkies :slight_smile:

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