Bike Stolen

… like the title says, my bike’s gone - it’s been recovered since - ** but damn people, be careful with your bikes** , this was locked, and secured in an underground carpark, chained the the steel work that holds up the building, fitted with 2 disc locks and a chain.

I don’t know why It’s been dumped, maybe it was a joyriding thing - or maybe they’re just knobs… - - there’s some more info there…


damn!! someone def wanted your bike mate!

and as you say you need a gfob to get it must be someone that has access to one.

Jeez! Sorry to hear this Lee.

Isn’t it odd that they went to all the effort of overcoming all that security only to dump it outside:crazy:

I hope it’s safe while waiting for the CSI mate:doze:

Yeah, it’s really suspecet, there was 34 miles on the odometer since the last time i reset it - there’s 52 on it now :S

So i dont know wtf… it’s adsolutely wrecked too :frowning: All the locks and wiring loom has been hacked, but - I’m not allowed to touch it because the police have yet to examine the scene… more info as/when I get it

Is it secure now mate?

That would be my biggest concern now

Sh*t mate :angry:

Why would they do that?

Hope the Police get to the bottom of it…You had any run ins with people lately? I remember there was some people that were causing some trouble to you some time ago.

Sorry to hear this mate :frowning:

Hi all,

Thanks for the constructive and comiserative feedback (is that even a word?!) - I cant secure the bike now, I’ve been instructed to leave it where it is, not touch/move it pending the forensic team looking at it, that’ll happen tomorrow as it isn’t a ‘priority’ case - I can’t dispute that - it’s pretty clear cut… It’s a bike that’s been nicked, i’m sure in Central Manchester - there’s better things to do… and it was insured, and my excess is covered on my policy - so i’m nottoo fussed, I’m just really disappointed :frowning:

Afro - noone I’ve run-in with lately, quite the opposite in fact… I just moved to this place, and met a few bikers that live in my block and park in similar places to me - so I just can’t see the sense in this :frowning:

I feel guilty, for not riding my bike for 3 days - because - anything could have happened, I can’t help thinking I’m to blame for leaving it there :S

… even if it was a secure/locked/etc carpark - I’m told if you can get into the building, then you can open the carpark gates from inside with an override button – so who knows, the mag-lock on the entrance to the building is always broken… so anyone could have been in there :frowning:

the worst part… this is me giving up biking if my bike is a write off - it’ll be my 3rd bike in < 2 years that’s been stolen/tried to be stolen/vandalised beyond repair :frowning:

Dude that is crazy bad luck, and all for a 99 thundercat!!!1) Dont feel guilty - you locked it up more than I and probably as much as you can get. Someone really wanted it, and to be honest, whatever you do someone is going to take it if they want it.

  1. It feels so terrible to have a bike nicked… I had my pride and joy KR1S nicked while I was a student, took me ages to save up for it, and loved the thing.

  2. Please, Please, Please, do not get put off biking cos of these low-life scumbags. You know it makes sense. Even if you get a lower end bike, get a trailie and go off road, try sommit new, but dont give it up.

  3. If it is a write off, then buy it back cheap and have yerself a project! Ebay is your friend, especially with a thundercat, cos loads of parts going cheap on there, thundercats hardly changed in the 5 years of production and loads of bikes are bring broken cos not many peope want the tired versions even tho it is a great bike… )

Lets just hope the Police Police find them and/or Karma catches up with them.

Keep it on two wheels - do you really want to be stuck in a car for the rest of your life??? :cool:

Agree with everything Elad is saying…Don’t give it up mate.

Perhaps its finally time to put the sting idea in place…Would need proper support this time from people though.

Hope the Police find the scum mate.