Bike Stolen

Same old same old eh !!

This ones different.

A Triumph Show Bike was nicked from The Edinboro Castle Pub NW1 on New Years Day…

Show plate on the night was HPY 2U.

I would seriously advise the thieves to leave it on the side of the road after calling to inform of its whereabouts…999 or the samaritans “cos your gonna need em”

anyone know of this incident then please pm me for further details.

£5000 for a NAME !! ON RETURN OF THE BIKE.

The Guys wife was cut on the face during theft…

Naughty naughty people too !!


lets av’em…when you find em give me a call barro…i mean it…

not so smiled.

Jesus thats bad…

Have you put this up on other sites…?

Ann x

got pic of bike m8, or description?

OMG thats appalling, just assumed (sorry) from first post it was nicked whilst unattended. Hope all are ok now and the bike is recovered, and karma catches up with the *******s :angry


What is it with these weasles???

How is the lady…badly cut???

Please put a picture of the bike, and any recognisable features up, so we can all keep an eye out…

Something tells me that there will be a few thieves with broken legs some time soon. Serve em right, infact, can I come and see??

The Powers that be are dealing with this one…way way out of my league !!

hope the powers that be find these twats and also give them a good kickin !

Oh Dear!!! Sounds like they will be wearing concrete boots sometime soon.

****s! Arseoles! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Slashed the poor wife too…

Any news on this little predicament Barro?
Would dearly love to hear a good news story along the lines of:

The pikey scumbags responsible for the trouble were so concerned with the unecessary aggravation and hurt they’d caused that they went to their nearest NHS walk-in clinic and asked to be castrated. They then preserved their jewels in pickling acid and signed full confessions which they handed in to the first police officer they could find. At this point, they realised that this just wasn’t going to be enough, so they wrote out a letter of apology confessing that they had always been a totally useless waste of ANYONE’s time and promptly beat themselves to death with a really really jagged breeze block, taking it in turns to bleed down a drain and not leave a mess for anyone to have to bother with. They also left the money to cover their funeral costs as no one in their right mind would have considered covering that cost on their behalf…and they knew it…

Alright a little ambitious…but have they confessed yet?