BIKE STOLEN Orange CBR1000RR Fireblade DU12 XOK

Just had my Bike Stolen from my Works car park just now.

2 little Cunts on scooters smashed the shutters down and rode out with my Bike, they were seen and chased but managed to get away.

If you see it, please let me know.

Those of you that do not know what it looks like, its an Orange and Black Fireblade, Registration DU12 XOK



About to head out … will keep eyes open

Wow, that sucks :frowning:

Oh shit Sam, really feel for you, hope you get it back.

Stolen from the Ilford Area about an hour and a Half ago. 2 Scooters rode in, 1 with a Plate on it & one without.
I could cry, i loved that Bike!!! best bike i’ve ever owned!!!

that really sucks - I hope it can be located quickly and you get it back.

Jeez not another one.

WHAT !!! No !!!

Oh Mate… gutted !!!

oh no Sam! no no no no…share it on facebook quick, if you cant let me know i’ll do it for you. time is of the essence here.

bloody hell, that’s shit news! Really hope you find it!

Im off Facebook so if you can do it please alba

Picture would really help. Did you have custom painted fairings on it?

Will keep my eyes peeled around the estates as am working all evening around that area and Walthamstow/Leytonstone

Sorry to hear this Sam.
I’m posting it up to FB now- can you post a pic so I can share it?

oh jeezus mate I fill sick for you!!!

gated as well. I’m not that way but will keep an eye out in case it heads my way

its on LB facebook page. share the crap out of it people.