Bike stolen in Northampton at lunchtime today.

Blue 2004 model Yamaha YZF-R1, standard factory spec. with only a tail tidy fitted

I am reposting this for someone else.

This bike was stolen from Moulton Park Northampton at 13.15 today, it was put in the back of a battered grey transit reg S425 UOF in Moulton Park , Northampton.

Apparently the police have the van, but no sign of the bike.

All I can say is one word just one…“BASTARDS”

I hail from near there. Moulton Park is actually an industrial estate, so they were probably cruising round the factory car parks casing it out. Scumbags.

I will let my local friends know to keep an eye out but hope it turns up anyhow.

Unlucky…Hope the scum get torched.