Bike Stolen GSXR K1 Blue and white

Hi all just a quick post to let you know my mate had his bike robbed from sidcup ! looks like it was lifted in a van B@stards.

If everyone could keep there eye out on ebay or when your around that would be great.

its a Blue and white k1 with an undertray , yoshi can and rainbow screen …
heres a small pic i know tis not great but every little helps

thanks guys


Sad news Do you have any clear pictures that could help pick the bike out?

Sorry to hear that, will keep everything crossed, picture is a wee bit fuzzy.

Hope he gets it back

I know the feeling - with keep my ear to the ground

yeah sorry guys its just a pic i had on my phone but ill try to get a better ps the reg is X86 VAY

sidcup…not to far from catford…bet cha ass its the same f*fers that tried to take my bike twice…

will keep an eye out mate and have you got anything to go on as far as ppl hanging around?..

if so mate contact me asap mate…i am on this case bigtime…



Sorry to hear about this will keep my eyes open…

Sorry to hear, will keep an eye out. Hope they catch them

not got much info really but it was out side my mates college in sidcup… i rekon this was a group of pros rathen that little scum …

mind you they are all the same.

so sorry about that happening…its the kind of bike talk we dont wanna have to talk about


I know this site asks for moderation - but under this topic - surely those rules don’t apply…


Sorry to hear about bike though

Im down the road in Crayford so I’ll keep em peeled

i dont think it was locked (wasnt my bike a mates) and he askeds the sercutiry guy but there are no CCTV where it was sooooo