Bike Shows...

Anyone know when the next bike shows are as I want to buy some protection… for my ears :smiley: (Shauna nags me too much)?


PS. Or if there’s anywhere else that does a good deal? :smiley:

great ear plugs ay hein gericke called MotoSafe £16 well worth the money.

Can vouch for MotoSafe! Used them on a 7000 mile trip around Western Europe after swopping to them from Ride recommended pair.

Worth £16 for sure, only thing better in my opinion would be spending over £100 on custom moulded ones.

Last time I was at the NEC Ultimate Ear (who some on here swear by) advised that they did not do a show discount so if you want some of those I wouldn’t wait for a show I’d contact them directly.

I haven’t got any ultimate ear (yet). I’ve been using Etoymatic ER-6i which are great as headphones and ear plugs.

Can’t say we blame her. Be nicer.:wink:

You don’t get much nicer than me! :smiley:

I’m happy to get some customs, as i can use them for shooting too. Cheers guys, Ill check it out :slight_smile: