Bike Show discount code

Discount code 19cn - £15 instead of £18


Anyone attending please drop by the Serv SSL “helmet park” for a small fee we’ll look after your gear while you walk around the show. I’ll be working the Saturday morning shift (till 13:30) so feel free to say hello.

I’m confirming prices but was around £1 for helmet £2 for helmet and additional clothes last year

UPDATE: - £2.00 for helmet and gloves then £2.00 per item - a pair of boots is one item

ah ya fucker, I just bought my tickets last week

Thanks I’ll be coming

Who’s going on which day?

I’m on the trf stand on some of sunday

What’s TRF Boris?

Trail riders fellowship, supporting green lanes for dirt bikes

Top man

If they have the offer of £10 extra to go to the Classic Car Show again this year definitely consider it. There were Cosworths everywhere last year.

linkypoo to the stand