Bike shop competition

With the boom in scooters and gear being pretty stable, is there a market for more bike shops?

I feel that if Carnells (for example) were still trading, Metropolis and Infinity might have a bit more store competition. That would be great for us as buyers.

Biking to me still feels like an “alternative” lifestyle and partly because of its lack of mainstream retail.

Oooh, thought this might be a competition to win a bike shop. :slight_smile:

+1, or something from a bike shop

Me too. I feel cheated

Proper disappointed here too

But even then, it’s not competition. And I’m not sure any of us really wants biking going mainstream. Have you been to the Bike Shed? Personally, I don’t want biking to be seen as a hipster fad. :wink:

Now there’s a blast from the past! I used to buy all my gear from there newbury park shop, I even bought 2 bikes from them (Gixer 750 & a Blade) they were a brilliant shop, shame they went out of business

I bought my first brand new bike (as opposed to second hand bikes before that) from carnells. They were great at the time.

I know what you mean about mainstream making it trendy. However it still would probably encourage better gear and cheaper prices. Would also make councils and government look a little more positively (and actually follow through) on treating bikes better.