Bike & Shirt dilema

  1. No need to apologise for a benefit that (you assume) I have and you don’t. 2) Now I’m really confused. Why would you not be able to keep a shirt clean on a bike, whereas you can on a scooter?

No, that was a second post. It was said in jest/amazement at the idea that Sid could so definintely state something that completely contradicted the post immediately before his. Hence me wondering whether Sid and I lived in different worlds, as I couldn’t think of any other logical explanation.

Please stop telling untruths. It is officially impossible to do what you are claiming, unless you ride a scooter. Haven’t you read this thread? Some very intelligent people have given their opinions, and there’s no room for debate.

Go and see a doctor. You are having hallucinations.

It amazes me that scooter riders can ride in a straight line with the size of the chip on your shoulder;)

Me to :smiley:

I put everything in the top box. It’s large enough to fold things up so they don’t get creased. Be careful if you are considering getting a top box, as once you get one there is no going back.

In my post I said that there is ‘no way’ that you can keep a shirt clean while riding a bike. Whereas I generally find this to be the case I admit that saying ‘no way’ was an extreme statement open to repudiation.

Human beings have been capable of all kinds of incredible achievements in the fields of art, literature and technology (including manned spaceflight and visits to the moon). In the light of this obvious intellectual and physical prowess it is obviously selling the human race very to short to claim that a man is ‘incapable of keeping a shirt clean while riding a motorcycle’.

I did not pay sufficient heed to BB’s recommendation and apolagise.

:wink: :hehe:

On most contracts I can get away with jeans & t-shirt.

Normally I just leave jeans and shoes in the office and do a quick change when I get there.

If I have to wear a shirt, I take 6 up on the first day then on the Friday lunch time I drop 5 to the local dry cleaners so they are ready for the next week.

If we’re getting insulting, I’m amazed that you’re able to type (and to be very funny with it - credit where it’s due), but are quite unable to interpret the meaning of any of the other posts on this thread.

I have to be honest here but it amazes me how you are able to transform a reasonable question into a slagging match between the scooter riders and the motorcyclists on here every time you comment. Some of what you say is tongue in cheek for sure but to be able to do this in every thread you write is truly astounding. I take my hat off to you for at least being consistent. And all this over whether you wear a shirt whilst riding to work… god help us if it was anything more serious. And yes it takes 2 to tango but why are you always the partner!!! Just an observation.:slight_smile:

I have 3 suits in my office and ride in with a fresh shirt every day folded neatly in my backpack. I just go to a local dry cleaners at lunch time to get a suit cleaned. Easy really.

Good observation. Fairly made.In my defence, I suppose I’d point out that I don’t particularly like dancing, but feel it’s kind of rude to refuse when I get asked so often.

id stop going to gay bars then :smiley:

Did you say style? :w00t:



:hehe: Long-sleeved T-shirt for the track though, right?

But of course what do you take me for some kind of nutter :wink:

Keep all your work stuff… at work! I have two full suits, with extra trousers, two pairs of shoes, and a bunch of non-iron shirts. All folded up neatly in the bottom draw of my filing cabinet, jackets hanging on the chair or the hanger, and shoes under the desk.

I arrive in full gear in the morning, do the superman routine in the bathroom, and hey presto.

I could dry clean them from work, but if you just wear them in the office… well lets just say you get good mileage! The shirts come home on Thursday to be washed over the weekend in a bag, and on Monday they come back in carefully folded around a document holder and in a rucksack. Non-iron shakes out creases in the draw anyway.

Hehe! Just what I was thinking as I trawled through this latest chapter of the ‘Bike V. Scooter war’.

OT: I used to leave a change of (work) clothing at work at one job and carried a shirt and trousers (left shoes in the office) at another

do you always scatter your clothes around London :w00t:

Good call on the non-iron shirts KTMmartin! That’s what I wear … they are also known as “cotton polyester mix” shirts. You can wear them under a leather jacket too, as long as you get yourself a neck tube that covers your collar, and keep that neck tube clean.