Bike shed/storage/garage

Will be moving into the new place over the weekend :), it has rear access to the garden (or will have when i put a gate in!) so thats where the bike is to be kept.

What do you guys/girls keep your bikes in? ive seen the bike ‘safe’s’ but they are nearly the same cost the same as my bikes worth!

There is allready a shed but being a 6x4’’ is a bit small :frowning:

An oxford stormex cover is a good start if you cant get a shed/safe thingy.

i keep my bike in my bedroom…

Install a ground anchor with Almax chains and get a cover.

Need a noisy grinder to cut the chains. Should work.

Oh… nice bike :stuck_out_tongue:

I am moving soon too! I told the agents " Don’t even bother showing me a house without a garage, the bike comes first!!" :slight_smile: Get one of these:

then install a motorcycle ground anchor inside it to the floor or your outside wall like this:

I keep both our bikes in a 13 x 8 wooden shed with masked out (translucent) windows BUT don’t expect your insurance company to offer any discounts for anything constructed out of wood.

Also, and apologies if I’m teaching you how to suck on those round oval things, any security or storage options you offer your insurance company usually have to be adhered to whenever your bike is within 250 yards of your residence or your excess may go up.