Bike servicing...


AS i’m still very new to all this biking thing… jsut wandering about the following:

Bike servicing - when is it suggested to do it? as in number of miles:

1st = 500 miles

2nd = 4000 miles?

3rd = ?


plus… is it worth investing in the following?

  1. K & N air filters with the idea of getting a full exhaust system (& power commander) later on to boost performance…

  2. what sort of oil for recommended after 4000 miles… fully synthetic / semi?

  3. is it worth taking off the fairing myself and then taking it to the shop to save a bit of cash… servicing time etc?

any money saving ideas are welcome… plus… recommended triumph dealers… the only one i know of in central / south london is metropolis…

whats the average charge for a service?

thanks in advance…


How new/old is your bike?

If its new then servicing has to be done by a dealer to keep the warranty valid. Or you could do the servicing and get a friend at the dealers to stamp your book for a drink.

Use semi synthetic if you use the bike on the road.

K&N, powercommander, full exhaust etc… all good as long as you get the bike dyno’d to get the fuelling right.

its the 05 daytona 650 - 6 months old…

so may have to take it to a dealer unfortunately and bend over and receive the full bill without lube unfortunately! love it when you get ripped off and they know that they are doing it the b%st$rds!

Think i’ll do all the other stuff in one go rather than a bit at a time… towards the beginning of spring when the bike is going to be back out on the twisties and on tracks again!


Go for semi synthetic oil in that.

As for dealers, there are not that many Triumph ones. Boyer Racing over in Woolwich area are apparently very good as are Jack lilly’s who I think are in the Shepperton area (surrey).

jack lillys have moved not far from shepperton to Ashford in middx just off the a308

Isn’t it now illegal to link warranty to main dealers only? I know there was a lot of talk to make it so, as it is restrictive and will increase costs to the consumer.

wonders off to google

My Suzuki warranty only requires the first service be completed to validate the warranty.

Servicing Miles change depending on what manufacturer it is; Yamaha its every 6000miles after a 700 mile 1st service, where as Suzuki is 4000miles after a 700mile service. I think for Triumph its the same as Suzuki, except the 1st service is at 400 and then at 4000, 8000, 12000 and so forth!

Depending on what they actually do to the bike and what mile service it is makes an estimate for pricing quite hard. 4000 mark may range between £120-£200, also depending on where you go. Project9928 got charged £480 at Chiswick Honda for his 16000 mile service which was a rip off I think.

As people have said use Semi Synth…

Getting a full system is nice, is quite costly but depends what you want it for? Also the K&N and Power Commander are also good buys but as Sam said its optimal to get it dyno’ed afterward, especially Power Commander for different settings and fuel mapping.


Damien the £480 is a bit high but to check valve clearances is a few hours meaning ££££.

The other thing BeachBum is that if you buy all the goodies and fit them all at once you wont really know how effective one thing is compared to another e.g normal k&n panel filters are believed to be no better than the OEM filter.

Like Damien said make sure you get the fueling sorted, custom map but thats £££.