Bike Servicing North London

Just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a decent place to get my Kwak serviced in North London. I’m in Archway N19 and don’t mind travelling a bit (hopefully somewhere near a tube line so I can get to and from work when I’m without the bike… ).I’m a bit bored of heading all the way top Clapham to get back to Infinity and it seems they’re specialising in Yamahas now…


I always use Southern Cross in Kilburn. Litterally across the road from Kilburn jubilee line station.

I use Burwin’s on Essex Road, bus stop right outside takes you to the Angel, or alternatively Essential Rubber in Hackney (not so good with transport to work though).

I use central bikes just off Goodge Street. Always does a good job and is relatively cheap. Call Dan on 07766143193.

DMC - Dalston Motorcycles


Southern Cross are awesome.

LBs matt works there too.

Brilliant service of the bike and customer service.

They don’t come more highly recommended.

They were also recently in Bike magazine as one of ‘The Good Guys’

Excellent, thanks for the info guys… Southern Cross sound good, but I also like the sound of a place near Goodge St, I didn’t know there was one there but it’s not far from work…

Will look into it, cheers…

There’s actually a bike garage on Landseer Rd just off Holloway Rd. Not sure what it’s called, just seen it when on the way to the pub. It looks a bit dodgy but might be worth a look.

Matt at Southern Cross knows all there needs to be known about Kwaks… many other bikes, too plus theyve apparently got a really swish new setup in there which I have yet to sample :smiley: