bike service

hi bikers,

i need to service my bike. the regular oil and filter change, etc… any idea much would it cost ? i have an 08 fz6.

also need few mods on bike as she is stock still. any UK websites to order parts ? like crash mushrooms, front screen, levers, etc…

i live in croydon and commute to s. kensingtom for work everyday. anything in these areas would help.

please let me know.

also if you go for weekend rides i would love to join if i am off work.


If you want to do the service yourself it will cost you all of £30… At a garage £60-100 I’d imagine.

To order stuff I use eBay, Busters Accessories and M&P.

Hope this helps.

I tried to get my old fzr400 serviced at the beginning of the year I think they told me £120 plus VAT and parts, Yamaha dealer wes even more

Whatever you decide, get the Haynes manual first and have a go yourself. Best to get someone who knows what they are doing to oversee it

If I remember correctly if you bring your own oil and filter its something like £20 labour down Essential Rubber as all he wants is an oil and filter change.

Bang2Rights on here got his Bandit 600 serviced at Essential Rubber for £160. This was quite a major service as well.

I’m in Croydon and would be up for a ride out.

On a seperate note Ollie Lewin (the mechanic who used to work at Premier Suzuki in W. Wickham) now runs a mobile servicing/bike mechanic service. He’s reasonably priced and very good. He fixed up my old GSX-R K7 after a relatively big off and it rode better than before and recently sorted out the engine on my monster commuter.

nice bloke too. PM me or let me know if you want his number.

go to oval motorcycle centre and do it yaself, matt will show ya how if ya need help n that way ya know its done properly