bike seriously overheated - tube strike traffic or bigger issue?

traffic was a beatch going from fulham up towards the a4 and was hard pressed to make it through even on the svelt r1. Lots of coaches and heavy goods vehicles had joined the party and were sandwiched together

fans were on at 103-105 degC but kept on slowly climbing until i was looking at 118 and heat warning lights were on. forced stop twice to let it cool down with the fans and engine off. was beginning to get worried as obviously that will chomp through the battery.

once i could get moving again and keeping a big more regular speed going the bike was fine.

whilst today is far from cold its not exactly hot today. coolant levels are fine. Something i’m missing here? never had any of my bikes do that before.

Are both fans working OK with nothing restricting air flow?

When my R6 was new one of the connector blocks wasn’t fully
seated and the fan didn’t work. Once properly connected it never
went over 105 degrees.

heard them spinning although admittedly i didn’t visually check it was both. sounded normal dual fan (I think). no obstructions

my fazer 6 has been overheating in traffic recently too

should have taken the Hornet… no fairing = less overheating.

The hornet blew it’s fan and pissed itself in Piccadilly earlier in the years not so sure buddy

Besides, the missus had it yesterday

hmm so you gave the missus the dodgy bike!??


What year R1? My 2009 ran much hotter than my 2004 and 2006 bikes.Still, if the warning lights came on then I would say it must be a problem. You’re not using just water as the coolant are you?

its an 06. no ‘should’ be proper coolant although I didn’t change the last lot…

Make sure that the rad isn’t blocked with mud etc but definately dont use a power hose to clear it :blush:


good coolant will protect upto 180C easily.

Lets hope it isnt anything to do with head gasket.

first thing i’d check is a build up of crap in the rad fins.


Had a bit of a play with it on sat. Topped the rad up and made sure the rad cap was firmly sealed. Ran it hot and didn’t stray above 105 before cooling down.

So either it’s an intermittent prob or maybe just airlocks/lack of coolant in the rad/pressure seal was off and that did it. No apparent leaks.

Will just have to see if she does it again

Check out behind the Clutch Basket, there’s a sprocket back there that runs a chain onto the oil pump…this also drives the waterpump …If the sprocket is walking of the splines it’s your problem…:wink: