Bike Security

I have the option of a Meta N375V2 or Datatool to be on my bike, for £300. I’ve read elsewhere these are likely to only save around £20 at most on my insurance. I’ve read I might be better off just getting a cheap noisy alarm from eBay, maybe like this one -

What are people’s opinions? Also, are big locks worth while? What are the other decent security options?

Yep my insurance company offered me a mighty £30 discount ,if i fitted a £300 alarm !!! so i went down the big chain and lock route (Almax )

Yeah, I don’t think I was being offered even that much… closer to £5 I think

No-one has security advice for me

I see someone in another thread being advised to use Datatag. Where can this be bought? Is it as great as they say it is? It’s on eBay for £30, is that to be trusted?

Under no circumstances would I ever fit a cheap immobiliser, people have been killed on bikes when cheapo immobilisers have ‘activated’ at the wrong time, resulting in a sudden loss of power.

Alarms may not give you much of an insurance discount, but depending on the bike you may find that without one fitted no-one will even quote you for other than TPO cover. Note also that unless it’s a thatcham approved model, then they won’t consider it alarmed.

There are a couple of Datatag kits, the full one that retails for £60ish & a reduced ‘scooter’ version for £30. It acts as a visual deterrent to anyone planning on selling the bike or parts of it on, rather than doing anything to prevent someone stealing your bike, I personally think it’s a worthwhile addition.

At the end of the day you rate the value/desirability of your bike to thieves & budget for security accordingly - if you’ve got a £1500 bike then a decent lock & chain attached to something solid along with a cover if it’s not garaged should be fine as the ‘pros’ aren’t going to be interested in it. However, if you’ve got a £15k MV then you’d be looking at a couple of Almax chains attached to decent ground anchors, alarm/immobiliser, tracker etc.

Yeah, I am wondering if I should just pay £300 for the piece of mind of having a decent alarm, fitted properly. The bike is a brand new Honda Transalp, which I don’t think will be a highly desirable bike to nick. It’s more of a sensible choice rather than a flashy bike.

Does anyone know if the Datatag kits sold on eBay are okay? I presume they are easy enough to install yourself?

I personally dont think you can have enough security on your bke. ive got a Datatool system 3 on my fazer, and shes got the factory fit immoboliser too. For parking i have a oxford monster chain and padlock at the front of the bike, a boss alarm disc lock, and a chain at the back of the bike. Hopefully i will be able to get the ground anchor fitted this year too.

I wouldnt buy the datatag kit off ebay, people tend to charge too much. There is also smartwater which is similar to datatag, i use that.

If it’s a new Honda, then it should come with Smartwater already installed as std : This works along the same lines as Datatag, so I wouldn’t bother with adding a Datatag kit as well.

Check with the dealer if it’s already fitted with an immobiliser as std, if so then rather than getting a full alarm & immobiliser you can get a one that works with the factory fitted immobiliser to upgrade the security from Thatcham cat 2 to 1, not a massive difference in price, but it all helps !

Then just a decent chain & anchor (or something solid to attach it to) & if you don’t have a garage/shed to store it in, then get a cover - stealth is your friend - keep it out of sight if possible, scrotes rarely go out to nick things they don’t know are there !

have a search on the previous threads - there have been big discussions on this topic

I have a Datatool S4 alarm and immobiliser with datatag fitted to my Honda. The CBF does not have either Smartwater or HISS. The insurance company did not even have this listed on their computer and so credited me with only S3. Anyway I fitted it for my own peace of mind. I am quite pleased with it - it arms automatically 45 sec after ignition switched off so no need to think about it. I can open the topbax carefuly without setting it off. Only problem I have found is that when filling up with petrol you have to keep disarming it to avoid it going off!

Just a word to the wise - make sure the discount is worth it otherwise do not tell the insurer what you have; otherwise like Bennetts et al, they enforce the use of it on the Policy and if it is not in use at the time of the loss its by by bike or at least a hefty excess.

That goes for locks, alarms etc.

Have told my Insurers what I have as a minimum i.e. what is on the bike and auto arms.

The alarm is pointless as no one bats an eye lid when it goes off - stick with factory stuff and go for an Almax+Squire lock plus Ground Anchor for home; Almax out and about along with Tracker Monitor.

If you want to use a disc lock - fit it at the rear - harder to pick up the back and try to steer with steering lock on - that pick up from the front!!

When using a chain - keep it off the ground at all times - I see so many numpties with them on the ground - using the floor as a solid object for use with a sledge hammer!!!

What ever you use - use something - make is hard as possibel as there will always be someone next to you with less in my findings.

See ya.