Bike Security!!! This may be a good thing to get checked out.

After I board last year my new R1 (2004) I had as you do or better, get forced to (by the insurance company) the (alarm –immobiliser -pager) fitted and all was good!!! £350

But then 3 month later I found out I was able to start the bike without disabling the alarm immobiliser!!!
Back to the shop (there excuse was the bike has already an immobiliser factory fitted)



So this guys try to tell me I paid £350 for an Alarm upgrade!!!
More bullsh*t !!! Please!!!

I made them rewire the alarm (at no extra cost) I think they hated it, but there was no way to let them off like this.

I believe the person fitting the alarm was just a ****** (even he was a datatool engineer)

Since than he is not fitting any more for this shop.

So if you have a factory fitted immobiliser and upgrade to Cat1 Immobiliser-Alarm check it out

Well ! I hate the alarms anyway! I don’t think that for a second they stop the ****ers to get your bike! The insurance company offered me only 5% discount if my bike have an alarm, I’m not quite so sure that it’s worth it anymore… Plus I hate that ‘bip bip’ everytime you leave the bike and your mates toutch it, or yourself! Hate it! hate it!

Hate go to the garage and realise that I forgot the bloody control, which you have to keep separately from the bike key or it will get destroyed hitting the top yoke…

uh! Fell better now! lol

the good thing with an extra alarm - mobi… is even if you left the key in the bike ( by mistake ) happen to me not only once they can’t ride away !!! Self arming

i also don’t have the problem with the remote control Just hang in around your neck EASY

Interesting V2, my K5 has a factory imobiliser and Cat 1 Alarm/Imob, I’ll have to check it out, though admitedly, I never leave the bike anywhere unattended anyhow, it’s just not worth the risk, insurance just doesn’t work, it’s one big ill-concieved (by the government) dodgy scheme.

Cezar, having an alarmed bike isn’t that much of a pain, and they’re not designed to stop the thieves, just to alert you that something not quite right is going on, and as V2 says, it can help if you leave the key in the bike, as it’s all too easy to do!

sometimes aftermarket security can conflict with factory stuff, seen a zx10r last year brand new, worked fine till alarm fitted then wouldnt power up properly, bypassed aftermarket alarm and it worked properly, think the factory stuff “sees” the aftermarket as someone tampering and stays imobilised

that is interesting too, but i think the alarm was not fittet properley !!!

certainley sounds that way from what you put, i must admit i have heard of people geting the certificate for the alarm and at the first hint of trouble rip out the alarm/etc and just keep the certificate for insurance purposes…allegedly

Just to clarify security categories for you guys…

Cat1= Remote control security device that monitors vehicle attack and twin circuit immobilser.

Note: if your bike has a factory immobilser transponder on the key (new K5 and K6 GSXRs were the 1st to get this, can’t comment on other brands) then you don’t need to make any immobilser cuts, this is classed as a cat 2-1 upgrade alarm.

Cat2= Twin circuit immobilser only, auto arming

CatQ= Battery backed tracking device using GPS/GSM

Cat5= as above but with secure call centre and passive RFID tag with rider.

Hope thats of some use?


A word of warning not all factory fitted immobilisers are insurance approved! Wiggetta mentions the K5, K6 GSXR’s. Actually the immobiliser system on these models have not been tested by Thatcham and therefore not insurance approved, this bike would have to be fitted with a Cat1 full system. Other bikes that have immobilisers that are not covered are Aprilia RSV, Ducati, and some early Honda HISS Systems. Also, on some Honda Models the HISS system is only insurance approved if fitted with a special security bracket that covers the ECU. So watch out! if you have a CAT 2 to 1 Upgrade system installed on your bike and it has an immobiliser fitted, it still may not be insurance approved. I’ve included a couple of links, one is about the HISS brackets the other is the Thatcham approved products listing. Bit of an anal post but important all the same!

One other thing, all Thatcham Cat1, Cat21, and Cat4 system are supposed to have a seat/trigger switch to protect the system, the battery or the ECU. If it’s not fitted then technically your not covered.

Cheers for the info Sparky, like I say, my main trade is vehicle security and tracking, I don’t get involved with bike security that much.

I am very involved with Car and Bike telemetry as well as Laser jammers.

It’s not a boring post, I never realised that bike transponders were not classified! That’s shocking!

On all UK cars since 1994 it has been EU requirements for all passenger vehicles to be immobilised

The strip switch caused me no end of hassle on my last bike, bloody annoyance! Every time I took the tail unit off, it would go off, and I couldn’t shut it up, and a lowsides at the track, it would just go off in the middle of the night. Major pain in the ass.

Jay. I think you might like a system that records trip data and speed via GPS onto a USB flash with no line rental or ongoing costs, let me know

I could get you a free unit for review

That sounds like a fancy but useful system… Tell me more


wish you could stop the alarm on the datatool 3 from auto arming - drives me nuts

mate, if I can get my numpty self to do the below successfully, you’ll have made me a very happy man!!!

not sure how to work out what are loom earths. will any bolt on the underseat area of the frame do?

Earth wires are black on Ducati, there is usually one attached to the mounting bolts on the ecu.

great info, thanks!

might get a fire extinguisher on hand just in case…