Bike Safety course

I would recommend this course to anyone. It costs £30 and that includes Frankie and Bennies lunch, drinks and certificate at the end which could get you insurance discount. It consists of a ride out with one other student. You are given recomendations on road positions, filtering etc… Then to lunch… 2nd half is more country roads. Back for tea and medals/picture and de brief on safety. Good team of police riders. They didn’t slate or judge me. --Or arrest me for that matter :slight_smile:

Sounds really good. Something I am really interested in. Have you got a number for it, will I get a bollocking for a loud can?

If we’re talking bikesafe, which if we’re not. it sounds like a pretty identical day,

The day I went a chap had a racing exhaust that was pointed out by the copper doing the inspecting (also pointed out any other day he’d get a tug).

To book a BikeSafe-London Rider Skills Day call the booking agents Motorcycle UK Limited on 08452 307 407

or go to this site and book online -

I did have a smaller plate (not postage stamp size) but nothing was said. I contacted my insurance company and they discounted the policy by £32 ish so all I really spent that day was £15 on fuel. Lots of riders of all ages and experience went and they would all of learnt something- even if they didn’t admit it!

ive booked mine up earlier today - they called me back and told me which dates they had free and i was abl to choose - top quality! just have to wait now! they said they ride in all weather conditions - crap!! still though - hoping to learn a few things!

I’m booked on one from The Warren Bromley on the 15th Aug:)

sounds good, might do just that when I get back - might have to stick my baffles in tho!;):stuck_out_tongue:

what date are you doing it?