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Bike safe tomorrow

The great misunderstood rule in London.

I’m in Finchley. Grew up in Edgware

Good day out was had!


Ah, we’ve recently moved to Edgware!

Oh Lord, rule 191. So in The Netherlands where I learned to ride a motorcycle we don’t have zig zag lines so I wasn’t aware of the offence of overtaking the lead vehicle. When I did Bike Safe the 2nd time my observer observed me breaking rule 191 but rather than calling me aside to tell me he chose to witness me do it about 12 times all the while getting more irate in his helmet then at the lunch stop proudly told me that I would have lost my licence for notching up 36 points.

To be fair I probably wouldn’t have lost my licence as I’d have thought I’d have been pulled for it the first time rather than be stalked notching up points.

Bike Safe is really hit and miss depending on which observer you get. Both times I’ve done it I had individuals who thought I was a toff idiot and treated me with contempt. Other people in the group had a much better experience. I think it’s worth doing especially because it’s free plus the book and lunch are nice but you don’t know who will be assessing you or what their general attitude will be and that has a huge influence on what you’ll get out of the day.

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When I did that they advised me to slow down :rofl::rofl::rofl:

you get lunch?!!? I did it a few years ago and there was no lunch, out of the Warren.

I got to go go Frankie and Bennies both times I went.

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Oh WAIT I have a vague recollection of McDonalds now at a service station

Was a petrol station for a sandwich this time.

They took me to Frankie & Benny’s as well.

I’ve had chance to see Boris use that spade to help dig a out Tiger that got stuck in sand.

@HBG on a serious note, how did you find the overall experience? From a previous post you did it around Hertfordshire if I remember. Thinking I’ll do it as back on a bike again, and know I need some practice as well as constructive assessment.

I was graded B! That’s like another A level, must add it to my CV!

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I attended at the Met Police Sports ground at Bushey.

The first bit was spent receiving a presentation about risks and good practice. Then it was out on the bikes, mostly 1:1 for us. Steve was my copper who was relaxed and courteous, keen to impart his knowledge. Initially I was tense and keen not to miss his turn signals as he was leading from behind but this turned out not to be a problem. Mostly he was following me critiquing my style when we stopped. There was also a bit of me following which was interesting to see his positioning.

Was a bit odd doing 80 on the A10 with Police right behind. Useful comments included that I made good, brisk progress, rarely used position 1 and was of a good standard.

I’d definitely recommend it. No free lunch though. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


As my teenager would say: ‘yay, you’re besties now’.