Bike Safe: Does your bike NEED/HAVE to be TOTALLY legal???

Got bikesafe on thursday and it occured to me that my bike is not 100% legal if taken line by line in the coppers dictionary.

So…anyone hand their hands slapped for turning up with small plate or small exhaust or built in indicators or all 3 to name but a few??

Have they stopped you from taking part???

slightly worried…:cool:

All fine

+1. just make sure your bike is taxed, insured, mot’d and your tyres brakes and bike in general are in good working order. They generally don’t care about little plates, loud pipes etc.

hahaha can’t believe you posted this :D:D:D thats well funny!! have you been very worried?? :w00t::w00t:

well at least after yesterday there wont be any chicken strips to worry about :slight_smile:

ha, came in to read the thread and have been here 15 minutes hypnotised by Andys avatar :D:D:D:D:D

hahaha :D:D:D

I was reading in detail!!!

I was slightly scared that ill get a roasting if we turned up and i was shunned away by the bigger boys:w00t:

“Nobody’s ever died from a small plate” is what they said to me!

They are hot on mechanical/safety stuff though, a guy was sent home because he had a leaking fork seal.


Just got mine sorted! Phew! Bike is in good conditon and works great, as found out yest eh Andy.

Looking forward to it :D:D:D Cheers everyone

Whats the free lunch like?

Got mine in July! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did a “high speed road riding” weekend course in the 9ö’s with an ex-copper …Mike something (sorry mike!) in Dorset. he was silly fast on his BMW (didn’t hang off it either)…He told me not to turn up if the bike wasn’t spot on. It was a 10 day old FJ1200 so no worries… Was a great weekend…he run a B and B and the three guys on the course stayed there…Good days.:slight_smile:

Ill let you know Friday!!! :slight_smile:

Was it Mike Waite ?

… got his DVD on advanced riding, he seems to know his stuff !

Foods is Ace (hohoho)-good bangers, chilli is nice too

I had an Akra race can stamped not for road use and a 7x5 plate and they didnt mention either, the hardest part of the day is when they were following me around asking me to just ride as I normally would :hehe:


Someone got sent home from the day I did mine because his horn was being tempremental/feeble

That’s the man…He was on his own when I went there (three on the course) but he seems to have built his business up nicely.
Very nice guy who taught me loads over that weekend…