Ok it’s been a long time coming but don’t fear
It’s finally that time of year
Because the EASTBORNE BIKERUN is here!!

Everyone travelling from North or East will be able to meet up at A12 Flyover (AKA McDonalds Bow)
We will then be travelling SOUTH towards the city and over LONDON BRIDGE and we will meet up at BOROUGH FOR 9.00am (at or near the market)
We will then leave there and travel SOUTH to CROYDON and then continue south to PURLEY WAY.
From there we will continue to FIVEWAYS CROYDON and then straight to Eastbourne from fiveways.

People travelling from WEST will have a choice of meeting places – either come round the A406 to A12 straight to BOW - Or go through the centre to BOROUGH

See you on the 2nd!!!

Dude, I forgot to ask you…how many people are planning to attend?

I can put it in my schedule, but 9 am on a Saturday morning can be tricky…

I don’t know at the mo I’vehad about 10 peeps sayin their comin - I’ll jus wait and see

Hi JJ,
I might be up for this!

Never been to Eastbourne :w00t:


I’m sure JJ would be cool with that! :wink:

yeah thats cool prob fiveways would be good…

kool keep me posted plz you lovely gents :smiley:

Got a few more peeps commin now!!

send me you no. by private mesg-and I will call you when we’re leavin Borough oK …

This sounds good im up for this. Mind if i tag along?? can meet up at Borough it thats ok.:smiley:

Might see you all seeing as I live in Eastbourne, :smiley: though am working 8-5! Might pop along after if your still here

wots ur name ill add u cos the link just brings up 1 fonud :cool:

hi do you have a rough gestamation on what time you will be hitting croydon as i live in the area

just joined the londonbikers site and would be a good ride to start with many thanks

Bad news bikers -but after sending and receiving a few private messages the general consensus is that for most of the day tomorrow( 2/8/08) is that Eastbourne is going to be experiencing and having heavy showers - so the day would be ruined.
Most people don’t want to ride all the way there and get soaked and get socked on the way up or back as well.

So I’ve had to cancel -

If anyone still wants to go “post it up” and see if anyone has different views

----------------Die hard bikers ROCK ON!!-----------------------