Bike road tax radio ad

Heard an ad on the radio warning that if you don’t pay road tax on your BIKE your BIKE could be impounded and your BIKE could be crushed. Nothing about cars, vans, PSVs, HGVs that fail to renew their road-fund licences. Just BIKES!

So which bright spark went ahead with that campaign after they discovered that the “40% of bikes are untaxed” statistic was found to be damned lies?

This does apply to cars and vans etc

i think they are just going after bikers

That’s pretty much my point. So why waste money on an ad campaign targetting a minority group of road users who, it transpires, are no worse for VED evasion than any other?

they may have realised how much revenue they are missing out on

congestion charge, parking etc and are trying to get us other ways