Bike recovery from France

Hi all

I was told about this link by a helpful bloke called Paivi - so here goes!

My father died recently & left me a project - a 1985 Honda CD200.

Now for the difficulty - he lived with my mother in France. The bike is in Villeneuve sur Lot, uk plates, no tax, no paperwork, no insurance etc.

Now for the bit I need help with …

… is anyone coming back from that way with a bike trailer/ van/ normal trailer that has some space to collect it?

I’d love to pay for a commercial company to collect it & ship it over, but to be honest I’m a bit skint - mid house renovation, first child on the way etc.

I can help towards expenses, so if anyone has some space, I can collect from the uk.



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Hello and welcome. Sorry to hear about your dad. Maybe easier to rent a van and pick it up. Also check the DVLA site with regards to bringing a bike from another country. All the best.

Hey darrenptalbot. It might be worth checking to see if the value of the bike exceeds the value of the recovery, because I believe this bike not have a particulary high value. You could well be better off selling it over there, and then using the money to buy something over here. Just a thought.

I used to live about 200km north of where your parents are.

I have family and friends there and do make a few trips a year.

I also know of a truck leaving for Spain in the next few months which is coming back empty. Unfortunalty I can’t guarentee anything as this truck was supposed to leave in August.

It would still be expensive as the town is a few hours off the route (A10 to bordeaux from Paris) And unless you are getting this bike for sentimental value then I would reccomend selling it in France.

France holds higher used car/bike values than the uk and will get more for it.

If anything does come to light, or you can get the bike to Limoges, I have people there who can store it until a van goes north.


The bike is coming back for sentimental purposes - GoF - whereabouts in Limoges does it need to get to, they used to live up that way?



It’s actually a farm about 30mins North of Limoges, Let me check with them first but my mum is in Confolens 16500, and my friends have a farm in Lesterps 16420.

Check with DVLA and get it registered into your name, it is easier on export with a V5. Fill in a D1 i think and then a SORN so you don’t get stung by tax.

i know this is missing the vital piece of information but…

there is a company based in camford way in luton who do most of the recoveries for the insurance companies etc to and from europe they have long wheelbase sprinters and trailers going to and fro all the time, you might be able to persuade them to do a good deal for you if they have a space

if only i could remeber the name of the company, think its something like m and r transport (it doesnt have motorcycles in the company name) maybe worth a long shot with 118 or something…

good luck

Thanks - I’ll have a dig about for their details.

Has anyone used mcycletrans?


Welcome to LB mate! I got a CD200 Benly 1979 as well. It’s an adorable little bike. Hope you can bring it here soon. Sorry about your father

By the way: Paivi is not a bloke but a very nice girl! When you meet her yuo will never confuse trust me!