Bike rallys this year.

Was wondering what rallys everyone is planning to do this year. I’m not sure which ones i’m doing yet, and need to book some time off work before the boss plans even more holidays!

My mates from home (Lancaster) are going to some, but they tend to go to rallys even further north!

I was thinking about Farmyard rally, storming possibly, (Maybe too far?) rock and blues?

And are there any decent, big or small bike rallys, down south?

Thanks guys. :smiley:

Biggest ones down this way are probably bulldog bash and BMF, dunno if BMF is on this year, but bulldog seems to be growing in strength…good music there as well…:slight_smile:

I went to the bulldog rally last year and hope to be going again this year, want to try and stay sober for long enough to take part in the rwyb.

you getting a new bike then Danny :D:)

I’m hoping to go to the Bulldog, but think its a bit close to the France trip :angry:

Why, you want to buy mine:P

I’ve been to the bulldog quite a few times and marshalled for them a couple of times, I was thinking of going, plus the lancaster lot I used to marshall for still go, but think its going be over the period when my boss is getting married, so i’ll be left in charge and won’t be able to leave work I reckon.

I don’t think i’ve heard of the bmf rally tho?

No mate, its just that its only on for a few of days :stuck_out_tongue:

try this one

GPO usually the first weekend in october at milton keynes, just off Junc 13 or 14 of M1. Good atmosphere, good food, good bars, good bands, good bogs, good times!!

ive been 3 years running and will hopefully be there this year.

Last year there were all sorts taking part, some bikes were nearly as bad as yours;)

0h dear , thought i’d inducted you into almost everything motobikerywise , looks like i missed out the BMF, have been but think you wuz still in nappies :w00t: