Bike pushed on its side

Hi all,
I’ve got a yamaha Thundercat 2002, and yesterday a car drove into my bike whilst I was stand still and knocked it over.
I then found after picking it up, it won’t start, lights, horn, indicators won’t work. The only life that comes on is neutral light. It has a datatool alarm / immobiliser which still responds to key fob.
Is it likely this that has paralysed the bike - is de-spiking a cure or is there a “tilt switch” on a Thundercat, and would it cause all this ? Any advice appreciated

Have you tried disconnecting the battery and leaving it for a while? this sometimes resets the tilt sensor.

Did you get the car that done it?

This is why whenever anything like this happens, if you are with the bike at the time always check everything before letting them go, sometimes it looks like nothing has happened and it causes major damage and you haven’t taken any insurance details.

I dont have an answer (although it sounds like the immobiliser), but did you take the twonks details?!

All sorted, there was a fuse that was gone, and a couple of loose wire connections. Took it all apart and together again and it fired up. Cheers