Bike prices

Bike has been sold today mate, however I’m clearly a bit out of touch with bike pricing (despite knowing the used market is strong these days), but it surpassed what I was expecting. It was thinking about selling it to a breakers and thought I would see £200 for it, £300 on a really good day. The buyer had a quick check of the chassis & engine numbers against the reg doc and not much else, then asked me what I was looking for. I told him to make an offer without taking a liberty, and he came back with £600! So I’m thinking I’m onto a winner here as said cut to the chase, £800 and it’s yours. Did the deal, got the cash, and half an hour later someone in a van picked it up :ermm:

So I’m £600 better off than I thought I would be. It doesn’t smell right, but it’s money in the pot towards my house deposit :cool:

Wow, that’s a nice one! Must’ve made your day! :slight_smile:

Course it did! Only I’ve got a nagging feeling that the guy was a bit dodgy. Why be so interested in the paperwork, engine and frame numbers all being in order, but zero interest in the general condition of the bike?

Crossed my mind that my frame might be transplanted into a stolen XT. Either that or the guy is a dab hand at doing up bikes and was just after a complete project that he can make into his own bike. Guess I’ll never know.