Bike prep for track day?

Do I need to change my tail end back to the original so the carbon fibre does not get damaged? Shall I put on my fancy new levers or wait until after the track day? In other words how likely is it that i will drop my bike? I have had some great advice from Afro and got some from sticky posts on LB but I still have questions, LOL:w00t:

IF YOU RIDE TO YOUR SKILL LEVEL YOU SHOULD BE FINE…the R1 is an amazing bike and will take a lot of bad handling…just dont open that throttle too wide too quick…and you will be fine…if you really want to you can take off your mirrors number plates and anything quickly removed so that should you some how go track side then the damage is minimised…

Thanks, People have race fairings and folding levers etc but I dont understand why i might drop, except if i lean too far over or brake too hard or something stupid. I am not racing anyone so i think i’ll leave the bike as it is. Has anyone here dropped on thier first track day?

On my last track day a couple of weeks ago there were a lot of people coming off, mostly minor sliding, low sides etc According to Hot Trax all but one was probably caused by people pushing too hard before the tyres had warmed up.

it depends on how your ride, if your like me and push yourself you could find yourself in trouble, if you are not like me and sensible and careful and steady and have more skill (likely) then you will be fine. I had a high side on my first track day three tail slides but managed to stay on but only through luck rather than skill…thats why i bought a track bike so that i dont mind it getting scratched…

I would take the expensive bits off just in case…Have you got crash bungs? they might help…

If you are careful then you shouldnt crash, but that is difficult to say when you are on the last session of the day, trying to get the best line, pushing harder than you have before, mistakes happen…

Definitely take your mirrors off, you dont need any extra distractions, and they are of no value.

hope for the best, plan for the worst ;)up to you on the levers - they should be better suited to 2 finger braking/clutch, and have more/better adjustability. if you just bought them for bling, it doesn’t make much odds.

if you have spares, its not a bad idea to take them along either way…

If you can ride on the road then the track will be easier, everyone is going in the same direction, no cars or pedestrians to worry about and plenty of wide grippy tarmac:cool:

Now say after me ‘this is going to be great fun and I’m not going to fall off’

this is going to be great fun…this is going to be great fun this is going to be great fun…ouch i will not fall off…

:D… Look into my eyes the eyes the eyes…you are now handing over your bike to me for a few laps…:cool:

If you’re riding there make sure you have spares to get you home or back out on the track. I always have spare levers and pegs(gear/brake pegs too), lots of cable ties, gaffa tap, screw drivers, allen keys, pliers and something heavy like a wrench. The heavy wrench is useful if you bend something like an exhaust or fairing bracket. I have used all of these to get me home and they’re all easy to carry. And remove other things that are easily damaged, I always remove my indicators.

Might sound a bit drastic but sh*t can happen so may as well be prepared. And if you don’t use any of it I bet there will be someone else in your garage that will, or you just carry it back home again. :slight_smile:

Oh and by the way, if it’s your first track day you’re gonna have a blast!! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: Beware, it’s addictive!! :slight_smile: :cool:


Redz you’ll be fine…As you’re finding your feet, I’d advise you ride like how you do on the street, leaving the same margins for error. This will mean you’ll likely be going slower, but that will help you learn the track and get an idea of the best lines through the corners.

When your pace increases during the day (and you will be suprised how much it will), the groundwork you laid at the start of the day going slower will pay off and you will be faster yet just as safe as when you were going slower.

Prioritising corner exit speed over corner entry speed is also a good tip when learning and in general IMO. Its much safer to go into a corner slower, so as not to scare yourself because you’re going in too fast worrying about running off the track. Instead, going in slow means you can maximise corner exit speed by opening the throttle earlier.

Anyway…To start with just spend the first few sessions getting used to the track layout and you should be fine.

See you there.

Only done the one day so far (roll on 1st of March!) but my prep included taping up the mirrors and, er, hmm, no that was it :slight_smile:

Just go out and in joy it :cool:

ooo i cant wait, got my crash bungs on order, still waiting for em too come, gonna make sure i got warm tyres this time, last time on track i slid the front end out! luckily wasn’t my bike :smiley:

I am absolutely looking forward to this!:smiley: I am in the process of customizing my bike so I will put that on hold until after the track day, if I really like it I might get a track bike or keep the ZXR400 thats in my garage and continue work on my R1:cool: A bike for the track and a bike for the road.:wink: I do have crash bungs and I wont cry if I do drop it, as much as I love it, its only a bike.:hehe: