Bike pincher caught

This is a bit close to home.

One down, several hundred more to go.

thats about a mile from mu house :unsure:

Great news. Shame he didn’t break all his fingers.

Seems like he didn’t suffer much injury, shame as would’ve been better if he got seriously hurt.

That’s not a bike!

It’s a hair dryer…

They should print the fookers pic and name.

yyyeeeeessss name and shame the barsteward!!!:angry:

Would we be allowed to assist him in that?

Do what you want mate…but for fook sake don’t pull hair and slap

No charge has been set yet.[quote/]

1)In possession
3)No m.o.t
4)Due Care and Attention

They be needing to send the thieving scumbag on a Mediterranean holiday…

my own personal history:

1 - 2 months ago blade stolen. Recovered in the back of a van. Bloke driving van extradited to Poland for an 8 year sentence on an undisclosed charge.

2 - 1 month ago blade stolen again. Recovered in lock-up. Bloke charged this week with possession of stolen goods. Been told he’s lost his job as he can’t have a criminal record. His “extensive collection of tools” (qoute from the officer) have also been seized as was the van involved. He’s down some seirous cash - lots of tools and a van!

3 - On Thursday, rode past a lorry that had been pulled. Pallets out of the back of it, police crawling all through it… what was inside? ATLEAST 4 motorbikes (getting realistic, probably stolen! Bet one had a tracker on it :wink: )

4 - SOCO mate of mine walking down street on Friday. 4 guys tried to lift a Speed Tripple into the back of a white van, right in front of him. He called the cavalry. 4 blokes nicked.

Its not been a good couple of weeks for bike thieves… bless em.:smiley:

(I’m sure the scum round my area now think my Blades a bait bike!)

SneakyMcC (17/04/2011)

I hear Libya is nice at this time of year

Huckero (18/04/2011)

Chemical castration - remove the thieving gene from the pool…

guys, if you don’t want to get your bike nicked, it’s simple.

Get one of these:

Bloke on The Rev Counter had one of those stolen a few days ago, nothing is not nickable.

Mate I bought an old Pink Honda Melody to use up town. I thought I was just gonna get laughed at riding it. I even bought a stick on pony tail!!! lol :smiley: to stick under my crash helmet so that people thought it was a bird riding it. Anyway it turned into a fanny magnet. Everywhere I parked it I returned to streams of fit birds crowding round it saying "oh I like that fury seat… The ladies loved it. It was a tractor beam for fanny. Anyway it Only lasted a week until some bird stole it. I was well upset I even had little cry

…presumably, they didn’t lift it into the back of a van???