bike pics contest? Let's see um

Hodgson taken with 1d mark ii, spies shot taken with 10d…canon of course.




Sweet shots mate

Harris with a 10D

Neale likewise

Both Canon naturally.

Nice shots… Here’s a selection:

Jonathan Rea:±in%3Ascraps

Leon Haslam:±in%3Ascraps

Shane Byrne:±in%3Ascraps

Karl Harris:±in%3Ascraps

All with a Canon (30D), obviously…

Love the knee slider action on Neale

Maybe that will be me this year? (I wish)

That’s IT!
I HAVE to Buy a new body…as if I didn’t have enough outgoings already this year.
Cheers guys…
Nice shots by the way.
Best for me from Cadwell last year was Shakey…every time he went over that hill he looked like he was TRYING to lose it. Mental! Didn’t do him much good though…

I’m humbled Haven’t got time to look through all last years racing pics, but here’s a couple I like:

Bayliss (superman) chassing down Haga coming out of Surtee’s at Brands Hatch

Tommy Hill rear-wheel steering it through Clearways at Brands Hatch in the rain (hence grain).

Bridewell at Druids, Brands Hatch.

MV Digging it’s way out of Druids

Alex Barros fighting the Klaffi Honda at Brands

And some wheelies:


all those pictures are amazing… i need to get my self a camera,

Great Pics guys…Man I would love to get to a WSB or MotoGP Race…!!! Anyone got any pull with Dorna for Press Credentials for Laguna Seca???

Possibly. I’ll mention it to our editor, gotfotoz. We covered the British MotoGP last year and hope to this year, but that wasn’t easy getting acreditation.

Also, loving the first Hodgeson photo, veeeeeeery nice composition and clarity! I can only dream of such shots on my limited hardware (d70, hired lenses, minimal track experience). I really like his lid, the design is very cool.

That would be great jay…I emailed you. You can see some of my other stuff at until mywebsite is up and running. I did shoot the WSB/AMA weekend at laguna in 2003 with credentials, that’s the only way to shoot that race. (Canon 10D)