Bike photography

Hello all, I have been advised to join this site from someone on another bike forum, so i thought i would give it a go.

I am a semi pro photographer and am interested in meeting up with people to use bikes for various photoshoots and projects.

I have a studio booked for 28th october and will be looking for some further bikes to come along, I already have 3 and am looking for another 3. I also have 2 models coming along, and am asking around for a 3rd to join the fun.

I am also looking for some decent location shots, so if anyone has access to any, or knows of any and can make recomendations then i would be gratefull.

Thanks for your time, feel free to check out my website,


where abouts are you ?

I am in Luton, have access to various studios and am willing to travel for suitable locations.

You have mail

Cant find a mail,yet.

at the top of your screen it should say, you have one PM, or somethign like that.

What kind of bikes are you looking for ?

Is mine any good ?


I still have space for another bike on the 28th, would preferably like a race replica of some kind, a Rossi replica would be a bit on the nice side too.

Anyone know anyone wiith somethingof that sort?